A Focus on Sonos Sound

Since 2002 one name in sound has been rising through the ranks to create amazing sound design for the home and office. That company is known as Sonos. This is a company that only recently has become the premier option, but has been around for some time. They have been putting together performance ready speakers and equipment for some time, and even made some patented multi-room systems in 2004, and closer to modern times.

The reason why they have been getting a lot of attention today is because they have paired their systems with wireless devices, and smartphones. That means that you will be able to control, connect, and distribute sound through your smartphone. The setup is said to take only a few minutes, and adding one or more speakers can be a simple manner, even if you are not familiar with sound design or how to install tech.

The Best Performance

The Sonos controller, as briefly noted above, is the main reason why this company is getting a lot of praise. They are working to make it absolutely easy to work through the setup and audio calibration. Other companies do it all themselves or they make you go through hoops to try and figure out how to build the whole process. Sonos doesn’t do that. They help you set everything up with the Sonos controller APP, which you can work through kinks, and set up the right elements.

Once you set things up, you can work through CD-quality sound streaming, or you can use FLAC files or Mp3 files, or even your music collection to get superior audio for just about any room in your home. TO get the best performance, you’ll need to use the APP and set everything up through Sonos. Don’t worry, though, they make it very easy to move through the setup process.

How To Get The Best Sound

If you’re thinking about getting any option from Sonos, make sure that you look at their bundles. They have several speaker bundles that include a subwoofer, speakers, and sound bar for your television. Of course, this is meant for entertainment options with 5.1 surround sound.

Some of the most compelling options that come from Sonos include two major types of speaker systems. One for music specifically and one for entertainment as a whole.

For Music

If your goal is to get your music fix and ensure that it’s top notch, then you will need to pursue one of the following options:

  • Play:1
  • Play:3
  • Play:5
  • Sonos Home Sound System

These options are meant for wireless sound that connect to your internet connection at home. Each one helps you balance the sound digitally, and works with the Sonos app. These are meant to give you freedom to listen around your home, and are specific to music, streaming, and compact wireless sound design.

For Entertainment

If your goal is to have a full cinema experience, then your best bet is to look into the home cinema set ups from Sonos. They include the following options:

  • Playbase
  • PlayBar
  • 3.1 Playbase and Playbar Combos
  • 5.1 Bundles

These options are interesting in that they give you full freedom to control how you work with your entertainment system. You can have 3.1 surround, you can have a playbase or a playbar solo, or you can get the full experience with the 5.1 bundles.

If you’re looking for a good recommendation, then go with the 5.1 bundles that they offer. These include everything you need to get amazing sound from movies, to music, and still control everything with the Sonos app, and get into the mood of music, movies, and so much more.

Alternative Wireless Speakers

For those that aren’t convinced that Sonos is right, there are many alternatives on the market today. You’ll find that competitors abound a great deal throughout tech. The following are just some of the alternative competitors that you may want to look into.

Bluesound Generation – this solution is one of the better options that you’re going to find that mirrors Sonos sound quality. They won several awards for their sound design, and even put out some great overall musical options that are for multiple rooms, as well as standalone options.

Bose SoundTouch – this company (Bose) is a stellar name in the sound industry. They create products that fill multiple rooms with amazing sound, and deep bass. With the SoundTouch solution, they are putting a great deal of attention on streaming media, and it’s meant for audio more than anything else.

Samsung 5 Series – lastly, the Samsung 5 series has the reviews and the ratings to make them compete with Sonos head to head. They have quality sound design, and support 5.1 surround sound out of the box. This is a stellar solution that will definitely keep you in music, and movies for a lifetime.

Final Word on Sonos

Sonos is a company that produces high quality sound and doesn’t take shortcuts. They have some budget options, but not many. They want people to explore the true nature of sound, and have built a reputation on putting out high end options for streaming, wired access, and so much more. They are a premier name in sound, and it shows.